Mar 8, 2012

Sweet descriptions

Nah I'm going to list all those people who I just met few months ago but managed to make me feel like I have known them forever. Someone forced me to do this blegh

1.Asiyah Wafa
She was probably the closest human being I have ever encountered with. She was my girlfriend. This might sounds lesbo but we shared everything together mwehehe. She's among the coolest ppl I have ever knew, seriously.

2.Ayna Nayli
We're getting close started from asiyah went to makkah. She was the most funny and weird :p But I like her! We're hang out a lot, talked a lot, laugh a lot! And I hope everything will remain awesome as ever :)

3.Auzaie Luqman
He was the 'superaie', but with his own trilogy. He's super-funny, he usually said ridiculous words but never failed to make me burst of laughing. Hehe thanks everyone's superaie!

4.Ahmad Naqib
He was the probably most outgoing, outrageous and hilarious creature ever. Don't be fooled by his innocent puppy eyes. No wonder asiyah was dying to be with him hahaha

5.Ihsan Nordin
He changed me, completely, inside out. He's a kind of motivator and we did shared our problems together. I don't know how to thank him for making my life full with endless conversations. Abcdefghijklmno

6.Amar Zamri
I don't have any descriptions for him. Yeah, I don't know him well. Amar I'll always envied you for so many reasons :p

These are the ppl who play major roles that generated my after-spm-life into something that can be laughed off like there's no tomorrow. Although our time was short and ended mutually. I do love our friendship tho sometimes we didn't come out as strong as we should be. I miss you ex workmates :D


Anon said...

Number six sounds sweet.Who's he?

Afiqah Sanusi said...
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