Apr 22, 2012


I need someone to tell me everything is going to work out. Slow me down. I know that life aint gonna be perfect. Its not going to be fun and beautiful all the time. I'll cry, im gonna be hurt but here's a thing, i need pain to be able to see all the beauty in my lives. Though there will a lot of depressions

But I know that one day i'll be able to say that im okay though i was hurt. Though my mind was filled with nostalgic memories. I'll keep fighting. Fight against the pain and show who the stronger one is.

I'll never be hopeless, because I can never be utterly broken. I'll forget those things when I grow old. I will. And the important thing is I hv give up on you, though miracles might happen. I realized that I should stop fighting fr you. Cause I know you don't fight fr me. Yes, I can survive this. I'll forget the disappointments. Forget the past. and the doubts. Forgive you. Forgive myself. Learn from my mistakes and yes, defeats. Yay

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