Nov 27, 2012

Just the way I am

Assalamualaikum and sobahul khair people (its 10:19AM)

Im just feel like having a sketch book, tons of crayons and colourful watercolors.

Due to the boredom during semester break, afiqah is turning to an art-freak. I know whatever i do with that, theyre not going to let me down, like people did.

My next posts gonna be overwhelmed with the outcomes inshaa Allah :D

Im a freak. Who would stand me?


Anonymous said...

Wrong statement Iqa. Don't choose a good boyfriend, but choose a good future zauj for you. Hihi. I'll pray for you on that. You'll be finding him soon. Insya'Allah :)

Afiqah Sanusi said...

Pakcik, iye i dont even mean to hv one puuuuun. dah betulkan x)

Afiqah Sanusi said...

*telah didelete* x)

Anonymous said...

Deleted? Okay, just let it be your little secret insya'Allah :D