Nov 24, 2012

Endless love

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah and hi.

This post is utterly going to be overflowed with pictures. Iqa is really ley-zeyh (instead of lazy) to write. And as usual, my obsession to black and white colors are my days-long insecurity :D

Words left unsaid expressed by pictures. Hope you enjoy your stay ;)

So yeah atie, shida, tirek and me did the lepaks thingy playing uno, which i bought atm before i met them (paying RM3.50 wasnt a waste! :p). Aint forget to mention that i won three over five games. Woot woot

Thanks to nady for sending me home. And untuk tirek shida atie, thanks teman makan keyefsi. Dan takziah sebab kalah mehehe.

Today will be memories. Grow up some imaginations~
One day thats going to all pass. We can waste our time focusing on all the good things (setting up a marriage by being a zaujah to a great imaam, producing grandchildren utk mak abah hahaha) but one day we still gonna wish that we were still teenagers. So lets live the life to the fullest potential :D

There are things to be happy about and that matter the most.

May you have a good day instead.


Anonymous said...

Hah! This is it. Try to be this happy! Dont be sad. Thats what friends for. To make us happy & accompany us whenever in sorrow. As a good friend, i'm happy to see u & your friends happy. Send regards to them. Insya'Allah. Salam Iqa :)

PS: Love this quote, 'Today will be memories. Grow up some imaginations'. Mohon share :p

Afiqah Sanusi said...

Iye thanks encik anon :p Inshaa Allah. Doakan ye :)

Ps: An anon will always be an anon (tho i know who youre) Ngehhhh