Apr 30, 2012



I got no idea how to describe all those dishes as I don't even know and can't remember the name hehe. I know jala emas, kuih akok and entah apa lagi. Let the pictures say it ;)

Ze abc and 'kambing panggang' area. Abc dia sumpah sedap :D and kambing panggang, tak rasa so tak tahu lah. Tapi I guess sedap sbb my cuzzy cakap sedap :D

And here you go the eh-me-zing and sexaay red white pelamin,

And this is the screenshot of post that I wrote to Kak Etty, Ani's sister in law,

Done with my sis wedding's entry. InsyaAllah the marriage that hv been set up will long-lasting, jangan gaduh gaduh and kak ani, sila pregnant on this year! Haha jk :p Assalamualaikum.

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