Nov 20, 2012

A yay

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah

Yay sebab dah active kan semula jafo monster hehehehehe. Nah Ive just done deleted quarter of my posts in this blog. Satisfied yes I am.

And Im proud enough to say alhamdulillah that ive already managed to finish my first sem. Cant believe its only took 5 months! It really feel like its been at least a year :O

Holiday kick in! Long a very long long long days ahead :D

So yeah to the roommates and coursemates, distances make heart grows fonder muahaha till we meet agaaaain! If Allah wills x


Sophea J said...

welcome back afiqah!

Afiqah Sanusi said...

Nah im back sophy. Life is just so depressing recently. How bout yours? :)