Nov 23, 2012

A day filled with laughters

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah.

Hi, happy to tell that i was able to meet my ex schoolmates in this semester break. Luckily eqa have azwa, awein and tirek who did the girlfriend things with her in 7 hours.  Did I mentioned seven? Oh wow and yay then.

So we're just four college girls trying to hv some fun (in a good way) :p and live it up in the precious-ever hours. Went out for lots of food, brought out the previous semester stories, what our classes are like in next semester and even how great it is to own a very pious guymates hehehe. Literally four of us had picked any random topics that we ever could thought of. And maybe we're torturing ourselves with nonsenses and that was okay x)

We did pictured us together btw :)

Do we look fabs and fitting in perfectly in my camera? Oh yes we did :p

See ya, wassalam.

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